Lizzie McGuire: the cult series of the 2000s coming soon…

During the D23 Expo convention, Disney announced the return of the Lizzie McGuire series to its upcoming streaming platform Disney+. And it is Hilary Duff who will take the role of the heroine!

Disney is about to bring one of its iconic characters back to life: Lizzie McGuire. On Friday, August 23, while the D23 Expo convention was being held in California, the group announced the return of the famous heroine of the 2000s in a new series, which will air on the streaming service. Disney+, launched on November 12 in the United States. And surprised! It is Hilary Duff herself who will take over this role, which she played from 2001 to 2004.

“I have tried to contain my joy for so, so much, for my thirties!, can we read below a video summarizing excerpts from the soap opera. In this sequel, Lizzie McGuire will be a thirty-something young woman living in New York. “She’s older, wiser, she’s got a bigger shoe budget, which is pretty cool. She’s got her dream job, she really has the perfect life right now.”said Hilary Duff on stage at the convention.

If we still don’t know if it will be Miranda, Gordo or even Lizzie’s parents and brother, we will definitely find ourselves at the forefront of this project. Terry Minskyseries creator, as specified by the showrunner Deadline. And of course, fans will also find the heroine’s lively alter-ego, who has fun translating her thoughts and emotions. And always with the same outfit!

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