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The animated film “Maurice the fabulous cat” adapted from the work of the English author Terry Pratchett comes out this Wednesday in our cinemas. To watch with the family from 6 years.


Once upon a time : The fabulous cat Maurice arrives in a new town, with his mouse friends. One goal: tear them all apart, then scratch off a cozy stack of gold coins. But, upon their arrival, mysterious and magical events disrupt their plan. Nothing goes as planned and they decide to investigate. Thus begins a great adventure for this little bundle of hair!

What they will want: After Puss in Boots, another red cat is coming to cinemas! Adapted from the young adult novel, “The wonderful Maurice and his expert rodents“, which is part of the thirty adventures of the Terry Pratchett saga, “Annals of the Discworld“Maurice the Fabulous Cat parodies the Brothers Grimm fairy tale”Pied Piper of Hamelin”.

The heroes Keith, Maurice and their clever mouse friends (thanks to a potion found in the casks of a magic school) have a perfect modus operandi that allows them to tear apart the various villages they pass through. But when they arrive in Badigoince, nothing goes as planned. From their encounter with the literary Malice to the final showdown with the big bad, Maurice the Fabulous Cat is a true investigative film.



Mice – usually depicted as dirty and disgusting animals – are clever and lovable here and will entertain the youngest.

Colorful graphics and lively music take us through the cobbled streets of this typical German village on the trail of the Rat King (a group of rats tied by their tails who are believed to have supernatural powers).

Director Toby Genkel (Oops! I missed the box office…) specifies in the film’s press kit: “We were eager to create a work that is in no way inferior to the original book. I am impressed by how Pratchett manages to be witty, light-hearted, but at the same time uncompromising, critical and brave. (…) Such brilliantly written characters need actors to match.”


Maurice and the mice

What might bother them: Quite dense, the film includes some rather dark scenes, especially the staged fights between rats and dogs. King Rat can scare the little ones as well as Piper Piper.

Toby Genkel explains about this: “We didn’t try to hide the darker elements of the story. But when our hero is in danger, Pratchett’s comic turns allow the audience to laugh at Maurice’s antics or the rat-catching minions, which are more funny than menacing..”

The feature film consists of different layers, in addition to the story of Maurice and his learned mice, the film refers to the legend of “Pied Piper of Hamelin“and has work like a red thread”The Adventures of Mr. RabbitThis abundance of stories can sometimes be lost on younger people.



What they will carry inside them: Maurice the fabulous cat is a work cartoon on understanding others and rejection.

The feature film also appreciates literature, especially through the character of Rogue. Always with her nose in her novels, the young lady helps viewers understand that all you have to do is open a book to travel and experience great adventures.

So head to the bookstore to discover the original works of Terry Pratchett.

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