Medusa Cosplay Shows Why MCU Failed Inhumans

The MCU’s Inhumans TV series received a lot of criticism, and a new cosplay shows how it should have portrayed the fan-favorite Medusa.

THERE cosplay by Sergi Garcia corrects the mistakes of Inhumans‘MCU adaptation and gives longtime fans a chance to see a more faithful iteration of the comic book jellyfish and her trademark long hair. One of the most iconic creations to come out of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s original series Fantastic four comics were the hidden race of superhumans known as the Inhumans led by Black Bolt and his trusted wife Medusa. After decades of sharing the spotlight as Fantastic Four supporting characters, the Inhumans finally got a shot at live-action glory, with uninspiring results.


After the disappointing result of 2017 Inhumans TV miniseries Medusa gets a second chance at live-action glory with a cosplay from social media cosplayer Sergio Garcia (@sergi11246). Shared via the creator’s Instagram page, this Medusa cosplay is pretty faithful to the character’s original comic design right down to the character’s purple costume, mask, and hair description.

If there is anything to make or break the design, it’s Medusa’s hair, and this cosplay nails it to provide a realistic picture of what is often described as conscious nature. It’s inspiring to see how well these cosplayers can accurately bring these comic book heroes to life, even without the massive budget of a major Hollywood production.

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Any future Inhumans Adaptations should take notes from this Cosplay

Outside of the pages of the comics, The Inhumans have had a pretty rough go when it comes to live-action adaptations. After the decision to drop a planned Marvel Studios Inhumans movie, Disney partnered with ABC to bring the titular space-based heroes to the small screen. The Inhumans Royal Family served as the lead for the miniseries, with actress Serinda Swan starring as Medusa alongside Anson Mount’s Black Bolt. The intention may have been to provide a worthwhile project, but MCU Inhumans SHOW The budget of the small screen certainly came out and severely limited the depiction of the characters and their respective abilities. Medusa’s long psychokinetic hair gained from her exposure to Terrigen Mists was quickly removed as a result of the show’s limited budget.

2022 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness officially introduced another version of the Inhumans to the MCU through its leader Black Bolt (once again played by Anson Mount). This version of Black Bolt acts as a member of Earth-838’s “Illuminati” organization alongside other established Marvel productions. Different from Inhumans tv series, The Multiverse of Madness‘The black bull is outfitted in his traditional comic-accurate costume complete with mask and forehead antenna. The inclusion of a costumed Black Bolt has opened the door for other Inhumans, such as a fully costumed Medusa, to reappear in the line.

Medusa’s powerful hair is an essential part of her character and appeal. Among the many problems it has Inhumans the shows faced, weren’t embracing the funnier aspects of the comics it was based on. As one of the most extraordinary concepts dreamed up by Kirby and Lee, the Inhumans have always had a certain amount of charm. it cosplay by Sergi Garcia shows how a future Inhumans the movie or show can embrace the more extravagant elements of the comics, starting with jellyfish and her incredible hair.

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Source: Sergio Garcia

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