Megan Fox in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly: She knew that…

In a relationship of almost two months, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly don’t want to hide anymore! Invited to a podcast, the two lovers returned to their meeting and true love.

There is one who is unlikely to appreciate… In a relationship with Brian Austin Green for sixteen years, Megan Fox has definitely turned the page on her love affair with the father of her three children! While the star of the series Beverly Hills revealed on May 18 on his podcast that he and the brunette beauty had been separated for several months, the latter quickly appeared on the side of rapper Machine Gun Kelly – Colson Baker under his real name. After Megan Fox appeared in the clip Blood Valentine of her boyfriend, today she shared her first duet interview with him for the needs of the podcast Give it to Lala… With Randall. The opportunity to see their meeting again on the set Midnight at Switchgrass !

If Megan Fox was a married woman then, she says she immediately knew something was up with the young rapper:I was like, ‘Who’s going to play this role?’ And he said, ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ and I said, ‘Uh oh’ (…) I knew, I had a feeling something crazy would happen after we met on the square, but I wasn’t sure yet. I just had this feeling deep in my soul that something was going to happen.For his part, the music star has shown:Every day I waited on the steps of my lodge-caravan hoping to meet his gaze.

“We are two halves of the same soul”

Looking very much in love, Megan Fox could not help but reveal the strong bond that united her with her new companion: “When I looked into his eyes, I knew immediately that he was what I call my twin flame. Unlike a twin soul, a twin flame is a soul that has risen so high that it has split into two different bodies at the same time. So we are actually two halves of the same soul, I guess. And I told him this almost immediately, because I felt it immediately. I believe it was the second day of shooting. I asked him to come to my dressing room for lunch and I immediately started talking about astrology because I have a passion for it. It was intense from the start. I knew that even before he started his birth chart, his moon is in Pisces. I can tell by his energy.

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