Mélissa Bédard discusses the evolution of plus size fashion and reveals her two favorite brands

As part of the release of a new album, we spoke with the singer Mélissa Bédard.

We took advantage of our discussion with him to talk about fashion. This is always spectacular when paraded on a red carpet or shown on TV.

Has she developed an interest in fashion over time? ” Fashion is developed for us curvy women, I can dress myself! she says happily. ” I’ve always wanted to dress well, but stores didn’t necessarily go for plus sizes. But there I feel that there is a big opening for women like me and that is that there are more beautiful ones because yes, we can develop new passions. »

She adds: In many stores, I see plus size in development. There is still much to do, but we cannot say that there is no progress. They take them off the web a bit, before it was just on the web, they wanted to hide from us, there now you can find many sizes in stores. »

His two favorite addresses are Penningtons and Womance. ” Me, I have two issues: I’m super tall and I’m big. Penningtons and Womance are the only places I can order online without having to try. »

It also works in close collaboration with these two brands. ” They support me in my career path. They wear me. Often, we see that artists should only be associated with one brand, this is not it. Sometimes I wear a Penningtons top and a Womance skirt, they don’t care, they just want the woman to shine. »

Moreover, this week in Hello from hereMélissa Bédard wore a dress feminine.

Then, at the end of last year, we could see her in a dress The Penningtons. See them all below.

We also chatted with Mélissa Bédard about her new music video in which she wears a dress that’s previously teased her on social media. A nice snub to his detractors! All the details here.

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