Michaël Youn will perform his version of a horror classic as a Christmas comedy! – News from the cinema

Exclusive. With his new comedy “BDE” soon to arrive on Prime Video, Michaël Youn is currently preparing a retelling of HG Wells’ classic The Invisible Man. A rather crazy and unexpected project.

Passing through the Alpe d’Huez Festival, where he presented his new comedy BDE, on February 24 on Prime Video, Michaël Youn revealed his new project: a re-reading of Invisible Man by HG Wells in the Christmas comedy. The information, shared on AlloCiné, may surprise as it seems to depart from his other achievements.

I’m going back behind the camera to adapt this classic into the form of a Christmas story, so it’s the complete opposite of BDEhe says. It’s not a wild movie at all, on the contrary. It’s something very clean.

The actor and director gives some hints about the plot: “This is the story of a father who no longer cares enough for his daughter. She will cast a spell on him that will make him invisible and to change that, he will have to become a good person.

Unlike his latest film expected on the Prime Video platform, Michaël Youn explains that this is a project intended for cinema. At the moment, there is no word on whether the star will also play the lead role.

This adaptation will mark his fifth production, following Fatal, Vive la France, Divorce Club and BDE. “I believe that directing is the profession that I like the most, so I try to make these moments of pleasure as frequent as possible.“, he adds.

Beyond BDE, Michael Youün will also star in Nicolas Varnier’s new comedy It’s the World Upside Down!, with Barbara Schulz, Eric Elmosnino and Valérie Bonneton. Release is planned soon.

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