Murder Mystery 2: Netflix releases movie trailer

After the release of the first part in 2019, Netflix has just revealed the first images of “Murder Mystery 2”. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler can be seen wreaking havoc in Paris, this time looking for one of their kidnapped friends.

Following Murder mystery arrived

In 2019, Netflix unveils the new comedy, Murder mystery. For their second collaboration after myth, Jennifer Aniston AND Adam Sandler are the titles of the film. They play Audrey and Nick Splitz, a couple who take a trip to Europe. During the flight, they meet a man who invites them to a billionaire’s private yacht. But when the latter is killed, Audrey and Nick become prime suspects. They then decide to prove their innocence by unmasking the real culprit.

On his way out, Murder mystery it was a great success for Netflix. It broke the record for the most watched feature film the weekend after its release. The film of Kyle Newacheck also became the highest grosser of anyone Sandler has shot for the streaming giant. He even finished at the top of the rankings of the platform’s most popular feature films in 2019. So it’s no surprise that a sequel was officially announced shortly after the release of the first film. And it reveals itself.

A rhythmic trailer for this sequel

More than three years after the release of the first installment, Netflix has just released its trailer Murder mystery 2. We find the two protagonists, who are still played by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. While they are still invited to a prestigious reception, their host is kidnapped this time. So they will have to find it. As shown in trailer, a good part of the action of the feature film must take place in Paris.

Murder Mystery 2 ©netflix

You can also see Danny Boon in the trailer. The actor takes on the role of Inspector Delacroix, which he held in the first film, although this time we should see less of him on screen. Melanie Laurent is also in the cast of this sequel. She plays one of the kidnap suspects.

It will be necessary to wait a little more than two months before you will be able to find out Murder mystery 2. The release of the feature film is scheduled for Next March 31 on Netflix.

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