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Want to have a good time in the company of two high-flying con artists? Then discover the comedy Le Coup du siècle, directed by Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. Available on Netflix.

Released in cinemas in July 2019, the comedy Le Coup du siècle shows how two cheating women – of two different categories – come together to make life difficult for the men who have ignored them. Want to have a good time in the company of these two hustlers embodied on the screen by Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson? Good news: the film is available on the Netflix platform, where it has been a huge success!

Beating the beat, the comedy Le Coup du siècle is the female version of The Most Crook of the Two, directed by Frank Oz in 1989 and starring the duo Steve Martin / Michael Caine. A film which was itself a remake of Seducers (1964) with Marlon Brando.

“I didn’t want us to just change the gender of the characters: that’s not a good enough reason to remake a movie”says actress Rebel Wilson, also a producer. “I presented a completely reinterpreted and updated version of the film, with a new script led by two hustlers.”

Le Coup du siècle: why was the film controversial?

For the comedy Le Coup du siècle, the American Anne Hathaway had to face a difficult challenge: to adopt a distinct British accent so that her character of Josephine would be believable in her high-flying schemes.

“I didn’t want to emphasize the director Chris Addison (own English, editor’s note) forced me”says the actress. “I tried to convince him that it wasn’t necessary, but it didn’t work. We were in complete agreement about the tone, which needed to be consistent, and the sense of humor, which needed to be easy to understand but refined. And so he insisted that Josephine had to be British.”

Finally, it should be noted that the town of Beaumont-sur-Mer, in which the action of Coup du siècle is supposed to take place, does not exist. The film actually refers to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, a French town located near Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes department. Final accuracy: the scenes were not shot in France but on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Watch Anne Hathaway’s favorite scene:

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