Nintendo: a new teaser of the upcoming Super Marios Bros movie is revealed!

A new trailer for the movie about Nintendo’s hero, Super Mario Bros, has just been revealed. And a few things are worth mentioning.

This is a movie that has been awaited for several months. Indeed, if some were skeptical at the idea of ​​revealing Mario, the hero of Nintendo, in a movie, others were delighted. And the first Super Mario Bros. trailer has everyone in agreement. like the second that has just seen the light of day.

Bad news though

All Nintendo and Mario fans greeted the news with joy. Especially since, as we inform you, a lot good news trickled down over the months. Especially with dubbing.

If on the other side of the Atlantic the dubbing has got people talking, on the French side the fans are delighted. Indeed, Nintendo’s mustachioed hero seems perfectly duplicated according to numerous fan reactions.

After hearing all this good news, everyone was waiting to know the most important thing. To know, the release date of the feature film. Players of the famous license learned that the project would see the light of day in 2023.

March 29 to be exact. However, Universal has chosen to change the departure date. But relax everyone, we won’t have to wait a few years. Not even a few months. Considering that it will be on April 5, 2023 that it will see the light of day.

In other words, just a few days before the scheduled date. Not enough to make Nintendo fans sad. And since good news never comes alone, you should know that the Japanese firm is currently working on a new game.

If you’ve already heard about the planned games in Mario’s adventures, know that a new Mario Sports could also land. To have additional information on this topic, nothing could be simpler. Just click here.

A new trailer for the movie Super Mario Bros. of the Nintendo hero

Thought that was the only good news? No. In effect, our colleagues from 9 to 5 toys recently announced another good news. And no doubt you saw it go by a few hours ago.

To know, The new trailer of Nintendo’s heroic movie. Because yes, Super Mario Bros. was entitled to a new teaser. Teaser that you can find a little higher in this article. And a few things are worth mentioning.

As a memory, in the first trailer, you can find Mario and Toad. The latter trying to make your way through the “big city” market.. To then land in front of Princess Peach’s door.

As for the second, we have seen it appear the famous Donkey Kong and Rogen. The famous monkey is in a battle arena. The chance for fans to discover an incredible battle between the two.

During the battle, Nintendo’s hero wear the suit by the way. A costume that was introduced in the game Super Mario 3D World. It remains to be seen whether the two will remain enemies throughout the film or work side by side.

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