“No pants”, bangs, fringes… the fashion trends of 2023

What will you be wearing in 2023? While some point to the many trends emerging from catwalks and social networks, others wait for inspiration or enjoy the new fashions of fashionistas. Here are the ten fashion trends that will be talked about in this new year.

“Viva Magenta”, the Pantone color of the year

We will see life in pink in 2023! After Very Peri blue in 2022, the 2023 Pantone key shade is Viva Magenta 18-750. A close relative of carmine and raspberry, this “vibrant color” promotes “a joyful and upbeat holiday,” according to Pantone. Likened to “a punch in a velvet glove” by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Viva Magenta will pair beautifully with all the shades of pink, which are set to make a comeback, especially in July. , on the occasion of the release of the new film Barbiewhich will forever impose the Barbicore trend, namely pink, on our wardrobe.

“Take off the hood! »

Wear your bangs, take off your bangs or you’ll catch a cold,” laughed Bazooka Fatal in 2006! While we hated it as kids because it scratched and tangled our hair, the toupee, after a timid debut in 2022, has been imposed on all catwalks from Jacquemus to Loewe via Givenchy as the absolute must-have cold accessory for winter 2023. In knit style, the sherpa , loose or tight, is everywhere.

Cargo pants, the star of the beautiful days

This 1990s wardrobe staple will be the star of the upcoming spring summer season! Cargo pants – those old military pants with loose fit and pockets, cinched at the ankles – have been revisited by many houses: in technical silk fabrics at Fendi with pockets emblazoned with the famous FF logo and long straps, in chocolate silk at Jil Sander or princely purple at Versace, or even with holey and ripped jeans at Dolce & Gabbana.

Panties are the new pants

In 2023, panties will be the new pants, but in a sexier version than that Zardoz ! In June, Kathie Holmes was photographed without pants, wearing simple panties and leather boots under her coat. Kylie Jenner then went pantless at the Loewe runway show at Paris Fashion Week last September. In November, Kendall Jenner hit the streets of Los Angeles wearing sheer black tights that exposed her black panties for all to see, replicating look 7 from the Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2023 show. Meanwhile , Bella Hadid also embraced “no pants.” trendy hitting the streets of New York, UGG boots and immaculate socks, while Shy’m celebrated her 37th birthday in panties and fishnet tights. If it goes without saying that it will take a good dose of self-confidence to go out in panties… There are alternatives to gently adopt this “no pants” trend, play with tights and opaque leggings and very short shorts.. .which are already on the shelves.

Good lighting in the press

A print full of good vibes. The print will have reproduced all the fuzzy colors, such as can be seen in aura photographs that highlight the energetic radiation emanating from a person. Seen on the catwalks of Paul Smith, Loewe, LaPointe and Chet Lo, she is now present in ready-to-wear and fast fashion brands such as Zara, PrettyLittleThing, Collusion and Topshop.

Dark academy style

A style that is making a strong comeback thanks to the incredible success of Wednesday, the Tim Burton series on Netflix! The Dark Academia style, a clever mixture of the BCBG spirit of British school uniforms and Gothic codes, is especially popular with young people. In the wardrobe, jackets, ties, pleated skirts, high socks and other studded moccasins. In terms of colors, black of course, but also grey, dark green and burgundy… In terms of pattern, we are happy with tartan, but available in different textures… In short, necessary to go to a school with boarding house in the depths of Scotland!

Ballet trend

Ballerinas, dresses, leggings… The “balletcore” trend (and its variations of tulle, chiffon, sheer, lace and other frills) appeared on the runways of Simone Rocha, Molly Goddard and Miu Miu before settling in in 2023 in our country. changing rooms.

Fringe is making a name for itself in dressing rooms

While the west is making a comeback on the small screen, fringes are returning to our wardrobes in spring. Searches for fringed dresses, skirts and other jackets on Pinterest have increased recently. “The free flow of bangs helps people feel a kind of comfort, ease and fun. A natural extension of maximalism, this growing trend takes little effort for a high-impact fashion choice that’s anything but stiff,” says Pinterest.

Beretta in Emily in Paris mode.

It has been worn by great icons such as Faye Dunaway, Brigitte Bardot, Marlène Dietrich, Pablo Picasso or Che Guevara… The beret, the central part of the French woman’s wardrobe, has been updated thanks to the Emily in Paris series. . A timeless fashion accessory that will add style to all your outfits!

Long denim skirt in grunge mode

Get out the denim micro skirt, make way for the long denim skirt and if possible separates! A detail that elongates the legs and slims the silhouette, even with sneakers. Washed, covered, layered jeans regain their subversive aura for a very ’90s grunge look.

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