Noah Centineo, Joey King, Lana Condor: Who Are Netflix’s New Bombshells?

It has become a new benchmark. Failing to place its series in the biggest categories at the 2019 Golden Globes (8 citations, against 9 for Amazon and HBO, and 10 for FX) and despite a plebiscite at the 2018 Emmys (112 nominations for 23 trophies), netflix has become a new benchmark for Hollywood’s new gatekeeper. Indeed, with each new series or original creation overseen by the platform, one or more of its young actors ascends to stardom.

In past years, Millie Bobby Brown (Foreign things) or Katherine Langford (13 reasons why), distributions ofOrange is the new black and to Theft of money have demonstrated the striking power of Netflix. 2018 didn’t cut it, with a small innovation on the menu this year: series are no longer the only terrain for rising stars, their background films competing. We have selected 10 young actors and actresses who have been hits this year.

Noah Centineo

On Netflix at: Of all the boys I’ve loved before, Sierra Burgess is a loser

Age: 22 years old

Undoubtedly this summer’s big attraction on Netflix, Handsome Noah straddled two of the year’s biggest blockbusters. Two romantic comedies that have benefited greatly from her resurgence in popularity. Until then known only for the series caregivers, Noah was discovered in 2018. His charm, humor — and body, let’s face it — made him a social media superstar. On Instagram, they have 16.1 million followers – compared to 800,000 before his two Netflix films. And it won’t stop…

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