On view everywhere in Quebec on February 24: Tales of all “Coco ferme” shown at the opening of FIFEM

“Coco ferme”, the 25th film of Tales for All, will be shown on February 24 in the darkrooms of Quebec.

But before it draws young and old alike across the province, the film will be screened Feb. 19 at the opening of the 26th edition of the Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (FIFEM). The event will be held from February 25 to March 5.

The trailer has also just been revealed.

Don’t forget that there are three new original Tales for All movies planned, Coco Ferme being the first to see the light of day as we relaunch the popular franchise. “Coco Ferme” focuses on three young entrepreneurs who are starting to create a farm with 500 laying hens, a project that will not be easy, it is suspected.

The feature film stars Oscar Desgagnés (“The Time Snatcher,” “Dog and Cat”), Joey Bélanger (“The Eye of the Cyclone,” “Chouchou”) and Emma Bao Linh Tourné (“Ru,” “Like No Chicken Head ”), Benoît Brière, Simon Lacroix, Steve Laplante and Louis-Philippe Dandenault.

PHOTO COURTESY Les Productions La Fête

Here is the synopsis distributed by the production: “Max and his father settle in a quiet village a few kilometers from the big city. When Max discovers chickens in his cousin Charles’s old abandoned house, the young man sees an opportunity to start a business selling organic eggs. Max calls his friends and in particular Alice, a YouTuber and her family as well as all the villagers, including the good Tite-Bière. When bureaucratic forces begin to stack against him, Max must use all the lessons learned from his heroes to achieve his goal.

PHOTO COURTESY Les Productions La Fête

Written by Dominic James, in collaboration with Jacques Desjardins, “Coco ferme” is directed by Sébastien Gagné and produced by Les Productions la Fête et Attraction, in collaboration with Quebecor Content and Club illico. TVA Films is the distributor. After its theatrical release, the film will be available on Club illico, Videotron’s platform.

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