Pamela, a love story: why Pamela Anderson refuses to watch the Netflix documentary?

Pamela Anderson reveals part of her personal archives in “Pamela, a love story”. A documentary available on the Netflix platform, which the star prefers not to watch.

Pamela, A Love Story : in the intimacy of a star

After making the cover of the magazine Playboy, pamela anderson moved to Los Angeles and joined the cast ofBaywatch in 1992. By 1997, the Canadian-born actress portrayed lifeguard CJ Parker in the series. The actress is also trying to make a career in cinema, especially with the action film Barbed wire.

But his beginnings have been destroyed by the release of his sex tape with the rocker Tommy Lee. An event in which the series returns Pam & Tommy, which the star refused to watch. In the documentary Pamela, A Love Storywhich Netflix just uploaded, it says:

In order to survive, I had to block out this episode of my life. And now it’s all coming to the surface again, it’s making me sick.

Pamela, a love story ©Netflix

With this feature film directed by Ryan WhitePamela Anderson looks back on her life and immerses the audience in her intimacy, her successes, her failures and her sentimental obstacles. revealing numerous personal archives. A project that the actress and activist has agreed to commit to thanks to her son Brandon, as she explains. Vanity Fair :

Brandon can convince me of anything with his sincerity and tenacity that only a boy can have. He wanted to tell my story, in an authentic way.

Don’t look in the rearview mirror

with Pamela, a love storyTherefore, viewers can rediscover his complicity with his children, his complicated relationship with lovethe beginnings of her romance with Tommy Lee or her marriage to the musician kidrock.

A portrait that allows Pamela Anderson to give her truth, away from his public image that has always eluded him. If the actress has invested in this project by revealing many unpublished images, it seems that she has no intention of watching it.

Pamela, a love story
Pamela, a love story ©Netflix

In the documentary, Ryan White asks the actress if she would be willing to read parts of her diaries. Pamela Anderson then responds (via HuffPost):

I don’t know if I want to read them. I don’t even think about watching the documentary.

She explains that she prefers not to look back:

I like to do things for the experience. I want to move on to the next phase of my life. (…) It is difficult to go through all this again, as if it were the first time.

Pamela, A Love Story it’s available on Netflix.

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