PHOTO In bikinis in the snow, the stars take off their ski suits and surrender to a surprising trend

The new trend among mountain stars is to leave the wetsuit at home and hit the ground running… in a bikini! An anthology in photo images of celebrities who dare to bare themselves in the extreme cold.

It’s all good to make noise, even if you have to catch a cold! Since the year Kendall Jenner started the trend for stylish underwear photos in the snow, celebrities followed. Bikini, internalBathing suits, pyjamas… All light pieces do the trick. from Kourtney Kardashian to Liz Hurley via the Willis sistersthe stars are many to throw themselves in the great white in little clothes. A roundup of the hottest pictures of stars in underwear in the snow.

Stars pose in their underwear in the snow

from Caroline Daur to Olivia Culposome stars pose in swimsuits near a hot tub burned at the foot of the mountains. Nothing unusual so far. And then for others, it is the big jump ! This is the case of Tallulah Willis, Demi Moore’s daughter AND Bruce Willis that he likes to get ice bath in the river in the mountains. She does it with her boyfriend but also with her sisters. The actress The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev it is thrown straight into the dust bikini so many say that girls Chiara Ferragni and Romee Strijd we fully assume internal in a snowy environment. Kourtney Kardashian with his hat, Helena Christensen between glaciers, Nabilla in a white one piece swimsuit and hiking boots… Posing naked in the snow is definitely the trend to follow!

Check out the funniest photos of stars who dare to wear underwear and bikinis in the snow by clicking through our slideshow!

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