PHOTO – Madonna: her daughter Lourdes in an extreme cut dress reveals her crazy curves

Be it in the pages of the magazine paper or on her social network the provocateur Lourdes Leon it’s comfortable with his body. Evidence on Instagram, Madonna’s daughter shared a photo of her vacation in the Caribbean where she poses in a bold outfit : a light dress AND open works. The 26-year-old singer, known as Lalaholdefinitely succumbed to it one of the favorite fashion trendss from the moment. BECAUSE semi-transparent dresses lure like American and French stars like Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Passionate about body expression, she plays with sex codes by posing in the mirror alongside her friend and colleague. Trinity Vigorsky. By the way, her daughter already wore a similar ensemble at the fashion show LaQuan Smith last September.

> Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter: her physical evolution

Like her mother Madonna, she is a fan of the neo-Gothic style

Immersed in the artistic world since childhood, from the music transmitted by her mother Madonna to the fashion from which she launched her clothing line. material girlit was done quickly orfashion star multiplying contracts for brands: Atelier Versace in Milan, Swarovski or Burberry. A shared passion with her mother Madonna, where she is a great collaborator.

Often by osmosis, the mother-daughter duo match down to the smallest detail. For example, they fell together for neo-gothic style in the front row of the parade Tom Ford which closed New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023. whether pop star mother wore an exposed corset under a satin jumpsuit, leather gloves and XXL jewelry, her daughter Lourdes-Leon he chose a simple cross around his neck. Something to bring Madonna and her daughter closer!

> Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter: her physical evolution


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