Prime Video wants to build a new Tomb Raider franchise with a new movie

The idea is to form a big connected world between the games, the announced series and this upcoming movie.

After the surprise announcement of a TV adaptation of the video games Tomb raider for Prime Video, by Phoebe Waller-Bridgewe find that the Amazon platform actually has big ambitions to bring Lara Croft back to the center of the game!

The Hollywood Reporter immediately confirms that the studio has signed a “massive rights deal”, which includes at least one new feature film Tomb raider.

So here we are talking about one new movie Tomb raider5 years later the one worn by Alicia Vikander (2018), which flopped at the box office, earning less than $300 million worldwide.

But that doesn’t stop Amazon from believing again and again in the potential of the adventurer Lara Croft. Prime Video has, according to THR, a plan to build a vast connected world, a franchise Tomb raider, where the Phoebe Waller-Bridge TV series, the upcoming feature film and even a new video game (the one announced last December) would intersect. All of this would be interconnected much like what Marvel has managed to do with its Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose stories now intertwine through various media…

Note that this has to be done without Vikander, a priori, and with a young actress – still without an actor – in the skin of Lara Croft!

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