Released in December 2022, this film is a hit on Netflix worldwide, but is not available in France

It’s the surprise hit of the moment on Netflix internationally. This film, however, released in late December 2022 and centered on the Christmas holidays, made a surprise return to the top of the most watched films in the world. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see in France.

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If you have recently gone abroad and wanted to see what the catalog has to offer netflix country, you should have realized that there are differences in programs depending on the country you connect to. Sometimes harmful changes as is the case with film Natale a tutti i costi, translated into French by Our dear family. The film follows a seemingly perfect family that breaks up after twenty-five years: the children, Alessandra and Emilio, leave their nest and their province to go live in the city, finally leaving their parents, Carlo and Anna , alone. During the following months, the children, caught up in their new lives, limit contact with their parents to a few quick phone calls, no longer go to funerals or birthdays and, to top it all off, refuse to spend Christmas with the family.

Ready for anything to celebrate Christmas with the family

Angry, desperate and at a loss for what to come up with to win Alessandra and Emilio back, Carlo and Anna decide to trick them into believing they’ve inherited six million euros from an old aunt. The plan seems to be working when, driven by the hope of reclaiming their share of the inheritance to achieve their dreams, the children are magically reborn, vowing that they would not, for anything in the world, miss Christmas as a family . How long will Ana and Carlos’ lie last and what will be the consequences? Will parents be able to celebrate Christmas with their children? at what price? So many questions that will be answered on Netflix.

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A worldwide success

Published on December 19, 2022, Our dear family made an inexplicable return to the Top 10 in most places it aired this week. So we find it in 7th place in the United States, in 3rd place in Portugal, in 4th place in Spain… A success for a film released on the streaming platform for almost a month and a half! Our dear family it even managed to climb the rankings several places over the weeks. And in France? The film is currently missing from the catalog…

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