Rising Hollywood Star Kathryn Newton Talks Horror Film ‘Freaky’

“When I found out I was going to play Vince Vaughn, I was a little stressed. I wondered if I would have to learn to imitate Vince Vaughn, which seems completely impossible. I have seen his entire filmography. But as soon as we met, I realized that we wouldn’t have to play with each other. We would create two characters. It was amazing, he was asking me how I saw Millie, how I imagined her holding herself. This stage of acting is usually lonely, it is rare to have the opportunity to exchange ideas. We met at a dance rehearsal. We had to learn a Cheerleaders choreography and he made fun of my poor skills, but he was serious! I knew right away that we were going to have to be silly during this shoot [rires] “.

Is it true that you went back and forth between your different personas during the same day?

“Yes, we had a lot of fun. I especially loved the moments when I played The Butcher and Vince played Millie. People got scared and ran away from me, I was covered in blood, with a chainsaw in my hands, saying [elle prend une voix démoniaque] : “Hello guys! Can I have some coffee?”. Vince, he was making little gestures, it was like he was flipping his long hair back, and I wondered if I had this tic, if that was what he was doing. I learned a lot about myself through Vince’s acting. »

Most horror comedies reduce female characters to roles of screamed the queens (the killer-victim stereotype), but thanks to the body swap that is at the heart of the film, Strange manages to thwart these common. Was it a will?

Strange it goes through all the clichés and stereotypes of horror movies, shows them for what they are and makes fun of them. The role of the scream queen suits me very well, it is a very important element of this genre. IN Strange, there’s still this adrenaline rush because we want to scream for the characters to come back. But in the end, Millie is her own heroine, and this is a little different from the usual horror movies. She is a girl who is not very sure of herself and changing her skin to see herself from a different perspective makes her realize how powerful she is.

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