she dares the favorite pants of high school students

TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and even tumblr since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter… the “social image networks” where “beautiful” has its place don’t just offer consumers sponsored content and shovelware influencers. These platforms used by millions of users around the world also promise one thing: to serve, to anyone, future fashion trends on a silver plate. In other words: helping ‘everyone’ see what will be in style in the coming months. Therefore, everyone can find inspiration in social networks, especially in terms of clothing. Could it be, in this case, so? Jessica Alba use Instagram to get ideas from high school girls’ locker rooms? A legitimate question when we know that the 41-year-old actress recently appeared on Instagram wearing a white T-shirt and a cargo pants bright green. In other words: Gen Z’s Most Worn Pants (persons born after 1995).

A loud outfit in tune with the times that didn’t fail to make people react. Liked by more than 43,500 peoplethe publication was even commented on by Selena Gomez30 years old, with a “You are my idol” fan. A simple and effective silhouette, and more than ever in the wind, when you know that green was a color that strongly marked the trends of the end of the year 2022. And it confirms one thing: the load brings without a doubt a kick from the youth to a look!

Women’s Fashion Trend: What Are Cargo Pants? Our favorite designs found at Galeries Lafayette

Cargo pants are women’s pants. with many pockets. These pants are designed to provide great freedom of movement and storage capacity, but also to redesign a silhouette, especially at the waist. They are usually made of cotton and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Practical, fashionable and comfortable, they are available in many colors and materials to match all styles. And to be on top of fashion this winter, everything tells us that we should be inspired by the latest looks from Jessica Alba. Below, our dirty selection on Lafayette Gallery to compete in style until spring.

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Winter women’s fashion 2023: how to wear cargo pants?

Cargo pants offer a sophisticated silhouette and a touch of originality for a look. For an effect sportswear, casual or chic, you can always count on this timeless wardrobe staple for 2023. They can be worn with shirts, blouses, dresses or turtlenecks, and express their fashionable (and functional) activities ) with fibers in nature. Cargo pants are worn with sneakers, sandalsboots or heels… In short, it’s a timeless piece for the season, easy to wear and ideal for those who want to dress without worry.

Cargo Pants After 40: Where to Find Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants for women are available in many stores and online stores. Honestly, there are few brands that don’t offer their own cargo version today. This ultra-fashionable piece, adopted by Bella Hadid and all the models of the moment, offers a variety of styles and colors: denim, leather, cotton, linen, fur…cargo is on all fronts. Our tip for staying in the wind this winter: adopt it with a nice turtleneck sweater and a pair of white trainers with XXL soles. On the jacket side, we love it oversized cargo-jacket combo, but you can also bring back the nobility by wearing it with a bomber jacket or a nice leather jacket. For an “all sexy” look, wear it with high heels.

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