Sia mom: the singer adopted a son

Singer Sia became a mother for the first time at the age of 44. The star has adopted a son as he told in an interview.

After we learned about the surprise maternity of the actress Cameron Diaz a few days ago, it’s our turn Sia the singer to announce happy news. In an interview for GQ magazine, this was announced by the translator of the mega hit Chandeliershe had adopted a son. Sia is usually tight-lipped about her private life, she hates publicity and interviews as she confessed in 2015. This time, Sia has completely let it go and talked about her sex life in a very free way.

It was during an unfiltered conversation that she confirmed her new life as a new mother. She spoke to her interlocutor his crush on DJ star Diplo, Katy Perry’s former partner:In our relationship, we spend most of our time avoiding sex because it would ruin our professional relationship because we have to say he’s super hot.“Sia doesn’t hide it: there’s real sexual tension between her and Diplo.

Sia for unrelated relationships

So the Australian star typed a few words into his smartphone and offered him the following deal: “This year I texted her and said, ‘Look, you’re one of the five people I’m most sexually attracted to, and today I’ve decided to stay single for the rest of my life and I just adopted a son. I don’t have time for a love story. If you’re interested in a casual relationship, let me know!”

sia did not give details about the course of this adoption nor the age of the boy whom she received under her roof. In May 2019, the artist, who likes to hide under a fringed wig in his music videos and on stage, had mentioned his desire to adopt and had declared that he wanted to take under his wing a young 16-year-old rapper named Dasani, star of a documentary broadcast on the American HBO channel.

In private life, Sia has experienced some drama such as the death of her ex-boyfriend Dan Pontifex, who died in a car accident in Thailand. In 2014, she married director Erik Anders Lang before announcing their separation two years later.

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