Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Superman remains in development at DC Studios under the Elseworlds banner (Joker, The Batman).

At the dawn of a new era in DC Studiosafter James Gunn revealed about ten projects that are supposed to be part of its “First Chapter”. DCU, there is still the issue of some projects under development or announced in previous years, from which we have to wonder if they will be able to continue their journey with the new management teams in the country. In particular, in function of the project Superman: Legacythe place that can occupy the film dedicated to one Superman/Clark Kent black, led by Ta Nehisi Coates. It was reported a few months ago that development was continuing, and on the side of Gunnnow it is confirmed that the project will not be interrupted – at least not by the implementation of plans for the main continuation of DCU.

Two Batmans, two Supermans

Thus, the project i Superman through Ta Nehisi Coates will continue its development on its own and, if the film sees the light of day, then it will be placed under the banner “DC Elseworlds“which unites all the productions that are not connected with the main plot of DCU e James Gunn. Under this name, we find especially films Joker e Todd Phillipsfranchise Batman e Matt Reevesbut also the animated series Teen Titans GO!which will also quietly continue on its way Cartoon Network.

Imagining one clark kent dark-skinned, who would have grown up in segregationist America in the 1950s, Ta Nehisi Coates wishes to offer a deeply political reading of the figure of the superman—too often associated with a form of American patriotism upon which DC Comics now it is distanced. In any case, it’s reassuring to see thisA priori, Warner Bros. continue to benefit from marvel studios not being limited to just one version of the characters in all their productions. To see if the film in question will see the light of day – we know that within the studio, a lot of turmoil can happen leading up to a theatrical release.


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