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Whether you like to party or not Valentine’s Day, one thing most of us can agree on is that the colors and decorations are super cute. So what better way to celebrate than with a fun manicure? To help you come up with ideas for your next Valentine’s Day manicure, we’ve rounded up a bunch of ideas that will inspire you in no time.

Below we have collected 28 different nail design ideas ranging from hearts to acrylic, french, negative space, chrome and more and you can see them all below.

1. Metal heart

This super cute mani features all different shades of metallic red hearts that appear on the nude background.

2. Red heart

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and we love this nail polish which has red hearts on the top of each nail, while the nail of the index finger is completely covered in hearts.

3. Dotted heart

Placing a red heart in a different variation on each nail gives this manicure dimension, while the dots against the clear nail polish add a little more fun.

4. Baked red nails

If you want a fun manicure that won’t be everyone’s favorite, this is perfect. Adding different shades of red and pink to a scallop pattern with a small heart on each index finger is subtle yet fun.

5. Diamond Heart

Adding small diamonds between your hearts adds a luxurious touch to the beautiful manicure.

6. Half French roses

Adding clear lines like the nail polish above elongates your nails and we love that they used metallic pink for the French and added a subtle light pink to the other nails.

7. Little hearts

How cute is this nail polish? Each nail is covered in tiny pink and red hearts on a nude background.

8. Cut out hearts

This is a super cute twist on heart polish. Instead of having a bare bottom with colorful hearts, this manicure features alternating pink and red nails with a heart cut out in the center and left clear.

9. Ying Yang Hearts

We love this hot pink nail polish that has a little sparkly heart at the end of each nail with the index finger covered in a cute ying yang pattern.

10. Chrome Pink

Sometimes you don’t need nail art to pack a big punch with your manicure and this proves it. A shimmery pink metallic chrome color is subtle yet festive.

11. Heart with clouds

We love this manicure because you can rock it all year round, not just for Valentine’s Day. Each nail has a french tip in the pattern of a cloudy sky with a small red heart below each one.

12. French hearts

This is a super cute look for the French manicure. Each finger has alternating pink French tips that are designed in a heart shape against a nude polish.

13. XO nails

Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik created this super cute red nude chrome nail polish with “XO” decals on top.

14. Conversation hearts

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without candy conversation hearts and we love this 3D candy design on clear acrylic nails.

15. French rose

This subtle nail polish is one of our favorites because it’s classic and cool. Light pink French tips are added on a bare background, while a red outline is formed under each tip. On each ring finger, a small red heart is added.

16. Negative space reds

This negative space manicure includes your natural nail and each finger has a red French tip while the ring finger is painted red with a small heart shaped cutout.

17. Jewel of the heart

This super simple manicure is also negative space as your natural nails are painted with glitter, while a bright red heart jewel is attached to your index finger.

18. Card game

How cute is this easy nail polish with a deck of cards painted on it? Super simple but also unique and cute.

19. Acrylic heart

If you want to take your manicure to the next level, look no further than the famous Mei nail polish. She created this super cute pink acrylic nail polish with massive double hearts hanging from the tip of her nails.

20. Bubble heart

Adding subtle hearts like these bubbles is a cute way to add dimension to your nails. Painting each nail a different color and adding hearts is a super fun way to celebrate.

21. Ventilated heart

A white nail polish is classic and adding some simple purples and pink airbrushed hearts adds a splash of color to your nail polish.

22. Shiny heart

Using nail stickers is an easy way to do a fun manicure without wasting time or money. We love these pink and white heart-shaped nails with a hot pink nail on the ring finger.

23. Hugs and kisses

Besides hearts, XO (hugs and kisses) is another Valentine’s Day theme and we love it.

24. Kaleidoscope nails

This polish is otherwise subtle unless you look closely and see the cute kaleidoscope details. Adding some heart stickers adds even more fun to the manicure.

25. French twist

Instead of using straight lines on your nails, try these super cute curved designs that include pink and white with little hearts.

26. Shiny lines

Any manicure that includes sparkle and shine is festive, which is why we love this rose. Each nail is unique in its own way. You can change each nail to have different colors and patterns.

27. Color Block Nails

Colorblock nails are clean and classic and we especially love this bright red nail polish with chunky pink French tips.

28. French tip with hearts

This classic French manicure features an adorable twist with a pink tip and little red hearts with eyes on some of the nails.

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