The elderly, the stars of a fashion show in Paris

Fashion has no age! Evan Adelnet proves this Little brothers of the poor who organized a fashion show where seniors and students took the podium together. All in a prestigious location in the capital… at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris! Imagine the atmosphere: dim lights, spotlights, sparkling chandeliers and a catwalk in the center of the room ready to host the models for the day. Among them: Daisy, 90, was able to enjoy a photoshoot worthy of a Paris Match shoot before taking the stage. 78-year-old Béatrice presented a very beautiful bare rear. Fred, 57, with 5 pathologies, sent his energy across the room putting on a show!
To watch the replay of the event, go to the Little Brothers of the Poor youtube channel. There is even a make-up: make-up, photo shoot, interviews… these seniors are real stars! I challenge all our listeners and listeners who work in contact with our seniors: why not organize the same kind of event in your structure? To hell with clichés: being old doesn’t mean living in the past!

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With the help of INA documentarians: Anne Delaveau and Véronique Jolivet. Episode produced with extracts from the newspaper, 20/19 – Baie de Seine edition broadcast on 24/10/2014 on France 3 and extracts from the 20:00 news broadcast on 18/06/2019 on France 2

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