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Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick saga, shows his big ambitions for the movie Ghost of Tsushima. An adaptation as successful as The Last of Us?

The film Ghost of Tsushima is taken very seriously by its director, who is impatient to really get started. A project that is moving slowly – teams prefer to take their time – but was teased by the director during an interview. It promises to be epic in his own words.

A respectable fit

With 9.73 million games sold – the latest official figures for July 2022 – Ghost of Tsushima is one of the highest-grossing PlayStation franchises today. A performance that filled its developers Sucker Punch and Sony with joy. Inevitably, such success gives rise to some ideas… like that ofadapt the play into a movie.

But it’s not about betraying the source material to make it a boat blockbuster, Chad Stahelski – former stuntman in the trilogy Matrix and saga director John Wick – i want authenticity while finding a financial balance that will suit everyone. He expressed it like this:

You know what video game adaptations can deliver. So we take our time and do things right.

This is a Japanese story about the Mongols who conquered the island of Tsushima. So you need an all-Japanese cast that speaks Japanese. Sony fully agrees to support us in this process. I have been going to Japan since I was 16 years old. I love the country, its people, its language. No one is going to give me $200 million to make a movie driven by technology that doesn’t speak English. understand. So I have to be smart and figure out what’s financially viable for the license, the studio, and still achieve what I want and achieve something epic.

The beauty of GoT on PS5 in one picture.

Ghost of Tsushima: a great samurai movie?

In a new interview with Total Film, Chad Stahelski reaffirmed his ambitions for her “recreate the epic atmosphere of the samurai”without sacrificing the script.

Ghost of Tsushima is my next favorite project. Without going into details, this is something I am very interested in. We have a very good script and a very good creative team behind the film.

This is definitely a special project. Everyone is aware of it. Everyone wants to do this by introducing new technologies and a new way to reproduce the epic atmosphere of the samurai. There are just a lot of things to put in place before the actual production process begins, especially on my creative side. And we’re in the middle of that phase right now, trying to put everything in place for the film to succeed.

via cut film.

Part of these preparations is also the casting of the movie Ghost of Tsushima, which is hitting the gate. Daisuke Tsuji, the translator of the hero Jin Sakai, wants to be in it and is even ready to show her bare ass. But Andrew Koji, a martial and stunt artist, also does everything for him have the main role of this arrangement.

Reading the various statements, everything seems to come together to have something as pure as that The Last of Us series, but we will see. We are not immune to a nasty surprise, as so often with games brought to the big screen.

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