Their revival mode concert was canceled due to an emergency, one of the former stars of “Star Ac” couldn’t stand…

This year, TF1 hit hard by airing the new season of Star Academy. And the cast had the merit of winning viewers. After several weeks of competition, Anisha was declared the winner. Soon, the artist should also reveal his new musical projects to his audience. “My desire is to make songs that resemble me. I would only like to share emotions through my music. I want to touch people’s hearts with my songs.” told singer for Clean lists.

The opportunity for the star to say more about his musical universe: “Before Star Academy, I wrote folk, country and also pop rock songs. I have already written many of my own compositions before, but in English because I mainly sang in that language. I discovered French during this program.” If some of it “song” are already ready, he is not sure that he will find them all in his next opus: “After that, I don’t know yet if they will be on the album, I have to talk about it with the record company. We will see. Then, if authors or composers want to work with me, it will be with pleasure.”

“Singer Carine Haddadou has the flu…”

To this day, other personalities who have participated – in the past – in the famous telecast are taking full advantage of the excitement surrounding Star Academy. Like Carine Haddadou, Magalie Vaé or even Mario Barravecchia which would also take place at the Kursaal de Berck on January 20. But according to the latest news, their show has been postponed.

“Singer Carine Haddadou has the flu, it will be impossible for her to perform on stage and therefore the trio will not be able to perform. The production and the artists insist on announcing POSTPONEMENT and not cancellation of the event. As soon as a new date is agreed with the municipality of Berck sur Mer and the Casino de Berck, the show will be scheduled again at the Kursaal de Berck. we learn on the web. Hoping that Carine Haddadou gets back on her feet soon. Case to follow!


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