these 6 parts will be essential in 2023

It is often the same situation in the ever-changing fashion scene: trends come and go. But it’s also good news for stylish girls who love it circular : sometimes, you just have to look in the forgotten drawers of your closet to find fashionable pieces in full redemption. This is the case with some of these jewelry trends which will be everywhere in 2023. Among the innovations and revivals, here are the six precious pieces to get (or find in our business) to be on top of the trend this year.

Jewelry trends 2023: these six pieces of jewelry will be everywhere in 2023

Find out what they are jewelry trends that will be taking over our looks this year (and we bet you already have a few):

  • Initial or customizable jewelry: more intimate and personal, in 2023 we succumb to meaningful jewelry that reveals a (small) part of us.
  • Eternal jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces and even anklets… In 2023, we’re taking the plunge and adopting permanent jewelry by placing tiny chains that will be welded together for life (or at least the future ). ‘idea) .
  • Heart-shaped jewelry: seen all over the catwalks last season, heart jewelry will take over our looks for extra style (and irresistible love).
  • Choker Necklaces: As chic as you like, these necklaces that hug the neck (or close it like chokers) are making a comeback in our jewelry box.
  • Flower-shaped jewelry: with fun, artistic, elegant or bucolic twists, the flower takes over our favorite jewelry this year.
  • Pearls 3.0: no more choked pearl necklaces, in 2023 the cultured pearl reinvents itself with modernity to dress up our favorite jewelry.

Jewelery trends 2023: where to get the hottest pieces of the year

To get the latest jewelry trends 2023there are alternatives for all budgets: jewelry houses and luxury brands offer their precious pieces at expensive prices, such as Persée, Miu Miu and Charms Companu, while mainstream brands offer more affordable jewelry, often of more accessible quality. as in PD Paola.

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