These stars who chose not to have children

There are always taboo subjects in the eyes of society. Among them, the desire of some women not to become mothers. On the part of celebrities, some have spoken out on this topic, revealing different reasons. Some simply never thought of having children. This is the case of the singer Chimène Badi, who put the words in a more poetic way, explaining that she does not “call him”. In 2019, the artist also revealed a title on this topic, “Only a woman”. “A new day is dawning and no emptiness in me / I’m missing nothing is hell / I’m just a woman I’m not a mother / The years pass and the seasons pass / Their question wears me out leave me alone / Why is it so bad if I don’t want to do it / I’m just a woman, I’m not a mother,” she sings. “It’s for all those women who felt different. (…) I’m one of those girls who are like that and that’s life,” she said in 2020 on Jarry’s YouTube show.

In 2018, Laure Calami trusted Paris Match to reveal her position on this subject, always before and without wooden tongue. “I don’t think I ever will, but it’s unclear. I have to ask myself the question because there is this biological clock. There is a guilt-ridden view from society that says, “A complete woman is a woman who has a child.” Make no mistake, many do this for their old age. I want to talk about this so that we can leave people who don’t have any special wishes alone. I think we are doing humanity a service by not having children. There are many people on this planet. So don’t bother us!”

What will happen after this commercial?

Others may have thought they might one day have one, though without much conviction. “Motherhood was not my destiny. I thought it could happen, I expected it to happen, but it had never been seen and I didn’t care what people thought,” Helen Mirren said.

What will happen after this commercial?

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