this new guard of designers is all the rage with the stars

After the music scene, it seems that the “French touch” is also conquering the fashion scene. And for good reason: in recent seasons, celebrities have praised the young guard French designers through their media appearances, private parties, daily outings and ultra glam looks on the red carpet. From Ludovic de Saint Sernin to his stripped down fashion adopted by Kendall Jenner and I love Lipa for Coperni and her sexy mini skirts worn by Bella Hadid through Vaillant Studio and her asymmetrical dolls as in Riri in tight latex from Avellano to Katy Perry… The enthusiasm of the stars is unanimous in favor of young talents made in France and runs through a common denominator of fashion: sex.

French designers: these young designers are the new favorites of American celebrities

Designers with sharp tastes, good times and fashionable celebrities are the essence of this stylish success “Made in France”. Indeed, more and more stars are occasionally abandoning the big luxury houses for the more specialized and confidential young French talents. This is especially the case with Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner, who no longer swear by designer Ludovic Saint Sernin and his most sensual evening gowns. Sometimes, the fashion choices of celebrities create general surprise, even that of young designers highlighted: this is especially the case of Alice Vaillant, at the head of her brand Vaillant Studios, when the star Rihanna appeared wearing one of her extremely sexy slip dresses, months after her show in Paris.

French designers: these young designers making tomorrow’s (sexy) fashion

From Rihanna to Katy Perry through Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa or even Hailey Bieber… If the passion that connects celebrities and fashion is often intense, before it was often reserved for great designers or luxury references. But times are changing and the stars have embarked on a new rampant search for serenity. Their purpose? Find the designer with certain potential and relative confidentiality to highlight their fashion.

It’s the unwavering support (and flawless style) that celebrities are giving this new ranger French designers it also testifies to a fact quite different from that of being the most “advanced” of the star system: the desire to believe in tomorrow’s fashion and give it the recognition it deserves.

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