unknown, a former candidate appears totally transformed

TF1 somewhat surprised the public announcing in 2022 the broadcast of a new season of Star Academy. After more than ten years of absence, no one expected or hoped for this the show returns to the screens. Especially since it is more related to the beginnings of reality TV than to the style of programs currently broadcast in France.

However, TF1 revived the concept well, with a tenth season that ran from October 15 on Mythic Dammarie-les-Lys Castle. It ended with Anisha Jo Anyjaine winning. This new season was also an opportunity to revisit some former candidates and wonder about the careers some of them pursued after their move to Star Academy. Among them, a former candidate has changed a lot, appearing today in a completely different light than at the time of her participation…

This former candidate i Star Academy appears totally transformed

Aged 20 at the time, this candidate had grown to semis of the seventh season of Star Academy. The adventure ended there for her: she finished third, behind Mathieu Edward and Quentin Mosimann, the winner. At that time, she first scored because of her talent for music. Quite accomplished in the discipline, she also knows how to play the violin as well as the guitar and piano.

It is of course about Claire Marie Bronx, who was noticed earlier in the season for her reserved and emphatic personality. Revealed to the general public and rising little by little to the steps of the podium, the musician had nevertheless ended up gaining confidence. She had been able to sing with some of the most famous musicians of the time, such as Jenifer, Florent Pagny, Calogero and Hélène Ségara. So today, 15 years after the end of this 2007-2008 edition of Star Academy, what happens to it?

A new look, more… aggressive

If Claire-Marie Bronx was an early-appearing candidate a rather reserved temperament, today it is no longer the case. Her recent posts on her Instagram account show a more confident woman. And especially which is much more liberating when it comes to her appearance ! The singer now appears with quite strange stylesalternating original hairstyles and more aggressive makeup.

On January 17, she posted a series of photos of herself on her Instagram account, where she appears a beach in Dubai in a rocky and wild look. Dressed in a black bathing suit with heavy eye make-up, she accessorized with a multitude of looks bling chains around the neck. His post says: Wesh was the Bronx Baroness on a beach in Dubai.. who wondered what she was doing there… So she wore her finest Bronx jewelry and posed on this beach to capture this moment when there was nothing left. it doesn’t make any sense… and she promised herself she’d find it somewhere else… her… I mean, where she wants to talk, sing, play… maybe closer to home.“. We are a long way from the new girl booked for her debut in Star Academy !

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What happens to Claire-Marie Bronx?

Beyond her appearance, which has certainly changed with her personality, where is she the career of Claire-Marie Bronx ? Like many other candidates for Star Academy, she continued her career as a musician and multiplied her experiences. She created a musical duet and joined a theater troupe. The singer, she composes music. In fact, she released a new single last year: I hate my self. It will be included in an upcoming EP, the date of which has obviously not yet been revealed.

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