Val-au-Perche: Jean-Luc Surcin is honored for 50 years of volunteering at the Saint-Louis cinema

Jean-Luc Surcin was honored for more than fifty years of volunteerism. ©Le Perche

Lyliane Mousset and Alain Dutertre, vice mayorsfeatured wishes associations of the new municipality of Val au Perche, Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

“I would like to thank the association committee for dividing between sports, events and grant applications,” says Lyliane Mousset. “As you know, the commission will always be there to help you.”

“We thank you presidents and presidents of associations for your daily work”, adds Lyliane Mousset.

This is a passion, but your action gives energy to our municipality and your work is extremely valuable, because a municipality without associations is a dead municipality.

Lyliane Mousset

50 years of rewarding volunteerism

The chosen ones congratulated reward a volunteer, Jean-Luc Surcinfor all the years it cost him community life. He took the lead Saint Louis Cinema in 1968.

“Jean-Luc is a true cinema enthusiast and for more than fifty years, he has continuously improved this room in terms of quality and comfort”, emphasizes Alain Dutertre.

The municipality gave it to him medal of Val-au-Percheis the first to receive it.

Two additional associations

Two new associations appeared as a result of the pandemic: Roller Club Perchevalois with its president Anne-Claire Maillard as well as Billiard Club du Perchewith Patrick Laurent as President.

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“The municipality has continued to improve the sports infrastructure with the city-stadium, the pier and soon the skating rink in the future, the billiards room, the pétanque playground”, says the deputy. Other projects are under consideration.

“We are already making an appointment for the Carnival on March 18”, concludes Lyliane Mousset.

Expansion of the sports complex

“The investment subject is important, because we want to enrich the offer of sports equipment in Val-au-Perche”, he declares. Sébastien Thirouard, mayor of the city.

The Community of Municipalities has invested in the renovation of the gymnasium and logically it is a matter of days.

Sebastien Thirouard

The municipality wants to expand the complex around the college and a global study is being carried out regarding the path, lighting, parking and storage.

Baptiste and Lucas, two young people who participated in the town’s film production last year received a gift from the municipality. All seven members of the associations who completed the first aid training also received the diploma.

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