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Dead after a traffic accident on August 5 in Los Angeles at the age of 53, the American actress is at the center of eccentric theories of Internet users who denounce an organization.

After a car accident she caused crashing into a house in Los Angeles on August 5American actress Anne Heche was pronounced dead on August 11, 2022 according to the Medical Examiner’s Office and legal practitioner (an official who investigates the circumstances of a violent death) of Los Angeles County. Her tragic death has since been the subject of several conspiracy theories, which believe the actress was killed while preparing to appear in a film denouncing child sexual abuse.

These theories, which are sometimes met with a large number of shares, are based on two elements: a video showing her being evacuated from the house in an ambulance, where she suddenly gets up on a stretcher and gets rid of what they present as a . bag’s funeral and the fact that his death was announced on several dates. “This video of Anne Heche shows that the actress was fine after the accident, she was trying to escape from the body bag. She was killed for denouncing Pedo [criminels] and this video clearly shows it,” notes one user in a Twitter post broadcasting his helicopter-filmed evacuation.

“Anne Heche was ready to expose a Hollywood pedophile ring before she died”. writes an article strongly transmitted in these spheres. “These filthy mothers are trying to make me believe that Anne Heche was brain dead, but she was up and moving at the same time. This 2+2=5 nonsense doesn’t work for me. They killed Anne Heche,” accuses another Twitter account. “I just looked up Anne Heche on Wikipedia. All the other dead have a date of death… Anne Heche is only recorded as having died in August… No date specified”. adds a suspicious user.

Anne Heche was not declared brain dead from the accident

On Friday, August 5, actress Anne Heche hit a house while in her vehicle. The big accident, even before the driver was identified as an actress, was covered by some local media. The helicopters of the local channels FOX 11 and KT LA5 (from 22 minutes) thus transmitting live images showing the damage caused by the vehicle as well as the evacuation of the driver.

On FOX11, reporter Stu Mundel then introduces the male victim: “The City of LA Fire Department, their paramedics extricated the driver from this vehicle. We have a video for that. And put him on the stretcher. We were not sure of his condition. But then, as he was walking towards the ambulance, you see him right there. He jumps off the stretcher. It was terrifying, terrifying for a while to all who watched. And then the firefighters had to calm him down and take him to the hospital right away.” Media specializing in celebrity news TMZ will then confirm the identity of Anne Heche.

In the near future, the actress is not presented as already dead or suffering from brain death. In an article published on his website, FOX 11 reports that According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, Heche was rescued and taken to the hospital in critical condition. SkyFOX footage appears to show Heche struggling to get off the stretcher he was placed on.. Other articles echo a statement by Los Angeles Fire Captain Erik Scott, who says Anne Heche “He was talking to us when we managed to get him out of there, so that’s a good sign.”.

“It’s a white sheet, not a body bag”

Contrary to what is claimed by conspiratorial internet users who developed their theses days after the accident, the authorities never told the press that Anne Heche was brain dead when she was rescued by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The video of her evacuation has raised many doubts about her health, as she is portrayed being freed from a “body bag” (body bag in English) is used to wrap the body of a fatal victim. However, this technical term is denied by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). This is how a spokesperson tells about it CheckNews that “It’s a white sheet, not a body bag” which wrapped the burnt actress. “LAFD paramedics and firefighters acted strategically and professionally in caring for the severely burned patient while extinguishing the fire and securing the damaged property.” adds our interlocutor.

The state of the actress’ brain death will take several days before being announced. A day after the accident, Saturday August 6, a friend of the actress, Heather Duffy Boylston, first told the press that Anne Heche was “Currently in stable condition”. On Sunday, August 7, a close source told CNN that“Anne is in intensive care, she is lucky to be alive. She is badly burned and has a long recovery ahead of her. But after her first hopeful communications, on Monday August 8, a spokesperson for the actress told her Los Angeles Times that “Immediately after the accident, Anne Heche lost consciousness, fell into a coma and is in critical condition. She suffers from significant lung damage requiring mechanical ventilation and burns requiring surgery.. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she was still reported to be in critical condition. Police say she was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the accident. On Thursday, August 11, the actress’s family expressed pessimism in a statement sent to the press showing “Unfortunately, following her accident, Anne suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma, in a critical condition. […] We don’t expect her to survive.”. The family also clarifies that the actress “Has long since chosen to donate her organs and she is being kept on life support to determine if any of them are viable.”

His death was announced twice for reasons of definition

On Friday, August 12, his condition was finally declared brain dead as having occurred on August 11, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office. However, his body is being kept alive for organ donation until Sunday, August 14. The announcement of her brain death and eventual death on August 14 are part of the arguments of some conspiracy theorists, who find the fact that she does not have a clear date of death questionable. In a detailed article entitled “Why the media declared Anne Heche dead twice”, the Washington Post explains that some journalists reported his death on August 11 “based on a reading of a California statute” which shows that “An individual who has suffered… an irreversible disruption of all functions of the entire brain, including the brainstem, has died”. But this law is not unanimously accepted by the editors, in particular Washington Post, who waited until Sunday, August 14, when life support was taken off, to announce his death.

“I don’t think anyone made any journalistic or ethical mistakes. The family is not angry with anyone.” An anonymous source close to the family said Washington Post regarding the coverage of the actress’ death.

As for the alleged revelations to come in a film of a criminal network of children and human trafficking, laced with conspiratorial messages, they seem to have been inspired by the release of the film. The girl in room 13, scheduled to be released in the United States on September 17, 2022. In this film “Inspired by true events” According to production company Lifetime, Anne Heche plays a mother whose daughter finds herself held captive in a hotel room in order to sell her to human traffickers. In the face of the virality of the conspiracy theories, a spokesperson for the production company also denied that the film was inspired by the Epstein affair.

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