wild animals let loose in a cinema during a performance in Limoges

The action was claimed this Wednesday morning by the rural coordinate of Haute-Vienne. The screening of a documentary film on the Bassines case was interrupted after a group brought down several animals including a nutria at the Le Lido cinema.

“Upset, shocked, Limoges is hot! » This Tuesday evening, Valentine was present in the room and I still can’t believe it. It must be said that the evening, which promised to be peaceful, was not without its surprises… the kind of surprises we would gladly have when going to the cinema.

The evening was scheduled for 20:30 and about 200 people had responded. A documentary “Julien, Marais and the Dragonfly” followed by a debate at the conference with the new collective “Bassines Non Merci Limousin”. The director as well as Julien, the boatman Poitevin featured in the film, are present to participate in the discussions.

While the screening of the documentary has just started, the director, who hears a lot of noise outside the room, discovers frightened animals running around the cinema: a coypu, magpies and pigeons… Faced with these panicked animals, he calls for the help of about fifteen men to bring out small animals.

Immediately the police intervene on the scene, armed officers arrive to find the frightened animals and put them in a shelter in a cage.

Nutria was finally transferred to the SPA of Haute-Vienne. So the show was able to resume about twenty minutes later, followed by the debate with director Fabien Mazzocco.

This documentary “Julien, the Marais and the dragonfly” raises the very sensitive issue of the ponds in the Marais poitevin, the second largest wetland in France, which today is at the center of conflicts and demonstrations. Faced with a large project for the construction of irrigation basins, a collective opposes its realization, describing this project as an “ecological disaster” and looking for “another agricultural project”.

During this evening, posters were also torn. According to the people present in the hall, 8 people were mobilized for this action.

This Wednesday morning we had confirmation that the action is claimed by rural coordinate 87. The organizers and the cinema reserve the right to lodge a complaint.

This documentary is available for review until April 13 at France.tv platform.

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