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A few days ago, Jada Pinkett-Smith confirmed that she had a relationship with August Alsina. While Will Smith now wants to put this whole story behind him, he did not fail to respond to the words of a surfer who openly mocked his wife’s cheating.

This is the news that has made the rounds of the human planet! While they were considered one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith have reportedly had some serious couple problems in the past! WHEREAS Rapper August Alsina claimed a few days ago that he had an affair with the wife of the 51-year-old comedian., and this, with the consent of the latter, precisely during a new issue of his show Watch Red Table Talk on Facebook, the mother of Jaden and Willow Smith confirmed the words of the latter. Confronted with her husband, the actress then explained:You and I have had a rough time. We decided to break up for a while to find what would make each of us happy.

If the couple is on the mend and just jetted off to the Caribbean to recharge after these tough weeks, Will Smith can’t help but read what’s being said about him online. As he shared a video on his Instagram account where he is seen jumping rope in slow motion, a subscriber referred to his wife’s cheating. leaving a comment:Don’t get confused!“What a star of the saga Men in Black replied: “Hahaha…Okay…I can accept that. Now that’s funny! I will definitely block you. But the joke was very funny!“While the couple would like to see this story settled, it seems that netizens still have something to lash out at the two stars.

August Alsina is still in love with Jada Pinkett-Smith

This is an interview that should make Will Smith retire… While Alsina’s August revelations wore her down, she added another layer by revealing on Apple Music’s Young Money Radio show that she was still in love with the 48-year-old actress:It seems to me that you have some kind of experience on this planet and you feel some kind of love…. I think I will always have love for him as a person… The experience really helped transform me and really brought out the king in me.

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