Wilmer Valderrama gave his best friend of 20 years the makeover of his garage

Wilmer Valderrama Although he has left his mark on Hollywood, he does not forget where he comes from. Some time ago, the star of The 70’s show wanted to surprise Tadao, his best friend of 20 years, by renovating his garage to transform it into a wonderful living room where he can welcome his loved ones.

A renovation for which he enlisted twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, aka the Property Brothers, as part of their show The famous IOU.

“I have relied on him a lot in the ups and downs of my career”, says the actor in this clip, not hesitating to call this friend “big brother”, whom he has also hired as a guard in the past.

Total surprise

Of course, Wilmer Valderrama had to get his hands in the dough, and he enjoyed blasting out the old wooden partitions right at the start of the job. “There’s something very satisfying about breaking things,” he admits in one EXCERPT.

And as is the good old tradition of TV shows RENEWAL In American style, his friend Tadao acted as if he was completely unaware that people were smashing everything in his house, discovering with surprise and excitement his garage, which is actually no more.

The fourth season of The famous IOU airs on HGTV before arriving on Discovery +, currently unavailable to the French public. Note that HBO Max and Discovery +, both properties of Warner Bros., have merged and a common platform should see the light of day in France in 2024.

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