Win or Die: what to expect for the film Puy du Fou in Les Sables-d’Olonne?

Metz actor Hugo Becker plays Charette. ©Christine TAMALES

On view since January 25, 2023, Win or die it’s film adaptation of The last strawshow proposed by Puy du Fou since 2016.

François-Athanase Charette de La Contrie, more commonly known as “Charette” is a former officer in the Royal Navy. The film shows his fate as the main commander of the Vendée insurgent forces against the republican army, until his death in 1796.

New company Puy du Fou Films, as well as StudioCanal, are co-producing this production by Paul Mignot and Vincent Mottez.

A controversial film

Filming took place inside the park itself. theme founded by Philippe de Villiers in 1989. The original plan was to create a documentarybefore branching out into a major production mixing fiction and history.

A mix that poses a problem for some historians. Guillaume Lancereau works in particular on the French Revolution and co-wrote Puy du Faux. He sees one in between:

“This imaginary vocation does not take itself entirely as fiction as it remains anchored in a floating relationship with historical reality. »

The debate also enlivens the press.

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And inside, what does it look like?

Now that the film is released in most theaters, the interest is on it I know if it is appreciated by the general public.
Then we went to Grand Palace Cinemato Sables d’Olonne. After the session on Wednesday 25th January, in the afternoon, spectators agreed to give us their feelings on the spot, seconds after the lights came back for the final credits.

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“It’s a very interesting topic” : Vendée obliges, spectators are particularly affected by the fate of Charette, historical figure of the region. For a 2.30pm weekday showing, the film nevertheless attracted more than twenty spectators.

Filming took place in the Puy du Fou park
Filming took place in the Puy du Fou park. ©Christine TAMALES

Some are still immersed in the XVIIIe century and are trying to reappear: “It was quite magnificent”, “For me, staging is successful. »

The important thing for a historical film is also to describe an era and its codes: “There is a beautiful vision of honor. »

“It was quite magnificent”

As for criticism, some prefer to ignore: “The press may have been too harsh on the historical side. It’s just a movie after all”relativizes a spectator with Journal of the Sands.

Quite positive opinions which are in contrast to the debates it evokes in the press.

By the end of its first weekend in theaters, the film had collected more than 87,000 admissions in 188 rooms (25,891 come from previews hosted since December).

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